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About Us

As with many things, it started with a simple conversation. I have kept exotic animals for over 20 years and have always held a special place in my heart for all things reptile, amphibian and aquatic. When my co-worker mentioned that her daughter was struggling to care for her axolotl, Millie, and that they were considering re-homing her, I immediately volunteered to adopt her. Turns out "she" was a "he", so we renamed him Rowan after the Rowan tree. The Rowan tree is often depicted as the tree of life and is sacred in Celtic Lore. Needless to say, Rowan was an instant member of the family and our love for the species as a whole blossomed overnight.

Now we are the proud "parents" of Rowan (Male Leucistic Melanoid), Ash (Female Leucisitc Melanoid), Nox (Black Melanoid), Helios (GFP High Iridophore Golden), Gaia (Wild Type), and Peg (Leucistic Melanoids /offspring of Rowan and Ash).


Our small family business is run solely by our husband and wife team, Kristen and Phillip Jeffries. Axolotls are a labor of love for us as we both also work full time "normal" jobs. Without teamwork and lots of patience, none of this would be possible. 

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